Nancy Moore and her team were the exact partners we needed in our Senior Pastor search. As our search team began its work, I was frankly skeptical about the need to hire an outside consultant. I thought that God would simply lead us to the right person, so a consultant would not be necessary. As the search went on, however, I realized that God equips people in His body to help His church make healthy transitions, and He has equipped Nancy and her team for just this function. They are deeply skilled in assessing organizations and leaders and finding the right type of leader for the organization. She loves the Church and genuinely wanted our church to thrive through the transition. She also brought an extensive network and a time-tested process for helping us identify our new Senior Pastor and coached us and prayed for us through every step of the way. God definitely used her team to lead us to the right man for our congregation, and I highly recommend working with her.

Jonathan Cobb, Elder and Search Chair, Austin Oaks Church

Nancy and Jamie came alongside our church during a season of ministry that needed clearer direction and two important hires. They helped us navigate this time of significant transition. Building trust, they engaged the leaders, staff, and influencers with care and thoughtfulness. Moreover, they used the latest and best tools of the industry with skill and clarity so that we could move forward with a strong fit in our new hires and with confidence in a plan grounded in research-based information. The upshot is we are healthier, stronger and more impactful for kingdom purposes. I highly commend NL Moore & Associates to you.

Tom Atchison, Senior Pastor, Fox Valley Church

Our new Executive Pastor hire has done a fabulous job. He is exactly what we needed and has fit in well with both the staff and the church. He understands how to lead in change. The staff has received his leadership and they are working well together. Again, working with you and your team has been a great experience for us. Our church does not have positive past experiences with consultants, but you and your team have helped build a confidence and openness for the future.

Bruce O’Neil, Senior Pastor, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis

Our new Executive Pastor has not only been a home run, he’s been a grand slam! He’s done more in his five weeks here than others did in much longer periods of time. He’s actually bringing alignment to our councils and ministries and mission in steps that will work very well. He’s incredibly productive. Thanks for everything Nancy and the NL Moore team!

Bruce Dick, Senior Pastor, Bethel Evangelical Free Church

Sometimes hiring future staff members can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack or an insurmountable hill to climb. For us, Nancy and her team have consistently matched our unique team culture with a strong potential candidate. Her attention to detail in connecting our staff role with the right person has helped our church and team live out its divine design.

Rick Clapp, Executive Pastor, Mountain Springs Church

NL Moore & Associates is a top notch organization. Last year, as our church searched for their next senior pastor following a 38 year-pastorate, I was able to experience their expertise first hand. They not only thoroughly evaluated me during the search process, but they coached me on how to become a more well-rounded pastor in light of their research findings. On behalf of the search team, leadership and staff, we are deeply grateful for their ministry to our church throughout our pastoral transition.

Rev. Dr. Ken Nash, Lead Pastor, Wesleyan Church of Hamburg

NL Moore was a pleasure to work with. Nancy, Jamie Sipsma and the rest of her team were the perfect balance of professionalism and personal warmth. They nailed our church profile and our unique needs. The search process was thorough and they helped us find the right staff fit for our church. We are thrilled with NL Moore, the search process and our new staff person they helped us find!

Mark Prugh, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Church of the Nazarene

After Nancy’s first visit to Rock Harbor, the consistent comment from our leadership was, “she gets us.” Nancy and her team love Jesus, love His bride, the church, and are organizationally astute. Our situation was a bit complex, but they handled it masterfully, and we are thrilled with the outcome. I have the highest respect for NL Moore and Associates and give them my highest recommendation.

Jim Masteller, Interim Lead Pastor, RockHarbor Church

NL Moore & Associates has been a great help to Transform Minnesota on several occasions. When we were expanding our organization with two critical new staff hires, Nancy and her team played a crucial role helping us define the preferred profile that would fit well in the job role as well as within our close knit team. Their assessment tools helped us select the right two candidates, and they proved to be an excellent fit.

Carl Nelson, President/CEO, Transform Minnesota

Nancy has far more experience identifying quality candidates. Having used her company on several different searches, I can tell you she is good at her job. Nancy has a national network and can actually talk to the best candidates. Without her, we’re left waiting for candidates to come to us. She understands “fit,” meaning she is uniquely capable of assessing an organization’s culture and the personalities in that culture to determine what qualities and characteristics are needed in a successful candidate. She knows what’s important in the hiring decision—far more than most elders, deacons and/or senior pastors. We wouldn’t call anyone else.

Brandt Wright, Executive Pastor, Northwest Bible Church

Nancy and her team will provide you with top-notch consulting that helps church leadership understand the current DNA and condition of your church so decisions can be made to better align the church to be healthy and whole.

Scott Foster, Senior Pastor, Bethany Church Long Beach

Everyone connected to NL Moore & Associates executed a perfect balance of the organizational skills and spiritual sensitivity needed to partner a pastor and a congregation. Truly superb and wonderful to work with!

Paul Strozier, Senior Pastor, Madison Park Church

NL Moore & Associates are professional, proven and practical. They will help guide any organization through the choppy waters of transition with skill, clarity and success.

Jon Platek, Senior Pastor, The Grove Church

The results, communication and guidance are second to none. The process happens with little interruption to ongoing ministries. Nancy and team are very detailed and took the time to learn the needs, the history and personality of our church and congregation. They guided us through the steps we needed to discover/uncover items in our organization – with the goal of helping us move from good to great.

Jim Clements, Executive Pastor, Wesleyan Church of Hamburg

It is greatly preferable to work with NL Moore & Associates than to try to do a search on your own. They have a ton of experience and can make sure there is high compatibility between person and position.

Clay Edens, Hope Church of Oakdale

I had the opportunity to work directly with Nancy on two executive level ministry searches. I found her work to be professional, thorough, & timely. 
Nancy has an extensive ministry network of relationships and a detailed process to ensure she finds the right match for each position. Nancy demonstrates godly character in all of her business dealings and never cuts corners. She and her team did a great job of listening on the front end of our process to set clear measurable goals. Because Nancy understands the heart of ministry, she proved highly capable at working with our Elders, church staff, and lay search teams. I highly recommend Nancy Moore as a consultant for your next search!

Bryan Wintersteen, Leadership Coach, Creative Results Management

Nancy is a professional in search and consulting to boards in Christian not for profits – churches, schools and missional organizations. I recommend her without reservation and with confident enthusiasm.

Robert Stevenson, Stevenson and Company

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